Monday, November 21, 2011

Revenge of "Dime a Dozen": The Origin of "Bat to the Beginning"!

Greetings and salutations, ladies and germs! Big announcement from this oft-neglected and scatterbrained blog. Originally beginning as Dime a Dozen, this blog was meant to compare and contrast Golden Age and Modern Age comicbook storytelling by reviewing appearances of prominant characters in both periods, showcasing the difference between the era of 10-page, four-color, 10 cent storytelling and the current day style of 12-issue, 22-page, computer coloured, $3 epics. The blog started by reviewing Batman comics, and never really moved away from that. Of the two eras, I had more fun writing the Golden Age reviews, and felt they were more successful overall because they were, paradoxically, "newer" (in the sense that reviews of "Year One" and "Dark Moon Rising" from Frank Miller and Matt Wagner are everywhere on the net), but the blog itself never really became what it was supposed to be. Meanwhile, I got busy and stopped updating it as much as I should have. In an attempt to motivate myself to update more, I changed the title to "Rowe Rowe Fight the Power" (an online identity of mine), and generalized the blog more, adding my movie reviews, my TV reviews, and my general ramblings. But while that got the thing more content, I think it hurt the blog because now it was all of the place.
Which brings us, appropriately enough, back to the beginning. Bat to the Beginning will launch as a spin-off blog, and the spiritual successor to the original feel of Dime a Dozen.
Playing to my interests and strengths, Bat to the Beginning will review Golden Age Batman comics, from the beginning and moving forward. Old Golden Age Batman posts from here will be reposted there, and then the blog will continue from where I left off (Detective Comics #39). Meanwhile, this blog will continue to be the home for movie reviews, archived Star Trek reviews, and rants and ramblings.
I hope that this move will enable Bat to the Beginning to be stronger, more focused, and more successful overall as a blog.
Here's the link: