Monday, September 14, 2009


Hey, sorry about that, anyone-who-might-actually-read-this-blog. Life suddenly up and dumped on my lap like it tends to do sometimes, and I'm trying to find a legitimate way to balance this blog with university and filming and all this damned reading I'm supposed to be doing. I got distracted from Golden Age comics (I promise there'll be some stuff other than Batman eventually, btw) by reading Grant Morrison/Jack Kirby/New Gods stuff (Final Crisis is awesome -- linear narratives are for pussies!) -- maybe I'll even review some of it here someday.

Anyhow, I'll make up for it with the absolutely massive Batman #1 review coming up, in which I will wax nostalgic for a 64 page comic with five stories that cost a dime, starred the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder, and introduced two villains who are still with us to this very day (though I wonder what Kane and Finger would think of Dini's Catwoman, or *gasp* Morrison's Joker?)